Love toast but don't have room for a bulky toaster? Try this stovetop toaster gizmo

By Margaret Eby
Updated February 13, 2018
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EC: This Tiny Toaster Is Great for Small Spaces
Credit: Photo courtesy Amazon

Toast is objectively great. It saves your stale bread. It turns the slightly sproingy surface of a slice of brioche into a surface firm enough to butter or balance a mash of avocado on. Tea and toast is one of those perfect combinations, one that softens the cold edge of winter and soothes the upset of outside. But toasters themselves aren't all the great. They take up a huge amount of space for what they do. A toaster oven has more function, but takes up even more room. You could, of course, just toast bread using the oven, but there has to be something between the convenient-if-bulky traditional toaster and the process of turning on the oven. And luckily, there is: this extremely clever, very small stovetop toaster.

The way this folding toaster works is essentially positioning a piece of bread above the flame of a gas stovetop, but providing surface area next to the bread in order to toast the thing. It's basically perfect if you have a small kitchen, and especially if you prefer one slice of toast at a time. You can even make a toasted sandwich with it pretty easily by slotting the whole thing over the stove (though if it's cheese-related, they advise using a heat-resistant toaster bag to avoid, you know, cheese drip burn-age).

The only catch is that it's not cheap—$49.40 on Amazon, versus $15 for your standard two-slice toaster. With that price difference, you might just want to use your broiling rack and some gumption. But if you live in a tiny but chic apartment, the Delta Toast's convenience and space-saving capacity might be worth it.