When life gives you lemons, get this juicer

By Kate Welsh
Updated February 13, 2018
EC: This Tiny Citrus Juicer Is Perfect for an Apartment Kitchen
Credit: Photo by bjones27 via Getty Images

As a person whose love of lemons is well-documented, you better believe I have strong opinions on the best citrus juicers. You know what I have even strong opinions about, though? The best citrus juicers for small kitchens. In my kitchen in Brooklyn, every single pot, gadget, and rogue utensil has been perfectly Tetris'd into place. When I finally decided to get a citrus juicer—having your skin burn from juicing a dozen lemons by hand will do that to you—I knew I couldn't go for anything unwieldy. This threw out the possibility of one of those cute presses with the long handle, and certainly excluded one of those popcorn tin-sized machines. Fortunately, browsing the shelves at a home goods store, I came across the perfect one.

The Chef'n 2-in-1 Juicester Jr. Citrus Juicer (ahem) includes two reamers, one a little bigger to juice lemons (in yellow, appropriately), and one a little smaller to juice limes (in green). Each reamer attaches easily to the plastic cup base, which has labels to indicate how much juice you're extracting. It holds up to a quarter cup (or four tablespoons). The base of the juicer also has this non-slip grip pad, so when you're, say, making margaritas and the counter's slippery, this little guy doesn't go anywhere.

My favorite thing about it though, is how the teeth at the top of the base serve to both hold on to the reamer, and also strain out seeds and pulp when you're pouring the juice out to become salad dressing or lemon curd, or cocktails. Super simple, super clever. And because it's not fussy, it's super easy to clean, too.

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Credit: photo via amazon

The Juicester does a whole lot of work for such a little guy. (It honestly fits in my small liquid measuring cup.) And I haven't even mentioned the best part: it's less than $6.