Reach your squad goals with a doughnut pool float
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EC: This Summer's Hottest Breakfast-Inspired Beach Accessories
Credit: Photo by wundervisuals via Getty Images

This summer’s hottest beach accessories, as seen on the Kardashians’ Snapchats and Rihanna’s Instagram, are oversized inflatable pool floats in a variety of shapes. And sure, the swans and unicorns are cool, but I’m really stoked on the breakfast-inspired beach accessories. There are doughnut pool floats in every flavor (or, you know, color), but the devotion to breakfast beachwear doesn’t have to end with inflatables. From fruit-shaped coolers to breakfast-inspired beach toys, there are dozens of different breakfast accessories you can rock on the beach or by the pool to make the most of your lazy day by the water, while still making sure everyone knows how much you also love breakfast.

Some of these accessories are practical, to help you keep much-needed snacks and drink cool from the summer sun. Others are just for fun, because that’s what going to the beach with your friend is all about after all. No matter what you like to do at the beach or by the pool, whether it’s just lay around or just feet first into the water, there’s a breakfast-themed accessory for you.

Here are nine breakfast pool toys and beach accessories to help you make the most of your beach day this summer.

Pink Doughnut Pool Float

EC: This Summer's Hottest Breakfast-Inspired Beach Accessories assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1466216467494-big-mouth-giant-doughnut-pool-float-inline
Credit: Photo courtesy of BigMouth, Inc. via Amazon

If you’re looking to lounge in full breakfast fabulousness, blow up this pink doughnut pool float (as once seen under Reese Witherspoon).

Everything Bagel Pool Float

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Credit: Photo courtesy of Swimline via Amazon

If doughnut pool floats aren’t your thing, but you still want to laze about in the pool, don’t worry. It’s totally fine if you’re more of a savory breakfast kind of person because there’s a pool float for you–in the shape of an everything bagel.

Crispy Bacon Towel

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Credit: Photo courtesy of FunQi via Amazon

Once you’ve taken a dip in the pool, it’s time to start sizzling in the sun. This crispy bacon towel makes it easy. (And be sure to put on lots of sunscreen so you just sizzle, not burn.)

Chicken and Waffles Blanket

EC: assets%2Fmessage-editor%2F1466216550245-chicken-and-waffle-blanket
Credit: Photo courtesy of Fab

The only thing that might be more of a crowd-pleaser than this chicken and waffles throw blanket would be platters of chicken and waffles, served on the beach.

Doughnut Frisbee

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Credit: Photo courtesy of

Sometimes, lounging by the pool gets a little boring, and you need some activities. Bust out this doughnut frisbee, because throwing this breakfast-inspired piece of plastic probably more fun than tossing around than an actual doughnut.

Gudetama Egg Beach Ball

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Credit: Photo courtesy of kikiaco-japan via eBay

Gudetama might be the laziest egg, but this Gudetama beach ball is not for the beach bums.

S’well Water Bottle

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Credit: Photo courtesy of S'well

An important part of enjoying a hot summer day is staying hydrated so you don’t pass out or start feeling sick. Bring along an insulated water bottle, like this one from S’well, to keep your cold drinks as cold as possible despite the sun.

Doughnut Shades

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Credit: Photo courtesy of Nylon Shop

If all you’re interested in when you’re at the beach or by the pool is straight lounging, rock these doughnut sunglasses so there’s never any confusion about the fact you always keep your eye on the breakfast prize.

Watermelon Cooler Bag

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Credit: Photo courtesy of

It’s not a breakfast-themed beach party unless there are snacks, and there aren’t really more appropriate coolers in which to keep your drinks cool than this watermelon-shaped cooler bag.

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