Pizza, presto
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EC: This Stovetop Pizza Oven Makes a Perfect Pie in 6 Minutes
Credit: Photo courtesy of PizzaCraft

Pizza for breakfast is a potentially time-consuming affair, unless you are among the vast majority of those who don’t respect themselves and succumb to a cold slice or two from last night’s dinner for your morning meal. Homemade pizza is another story, probably a weekend thing, requiring time and attention and care and pre-planning.

But a new stove-stop pizza oven may change that calculus. The Pizzacraft PC0601 Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Pizza Oven (the name, like most newfangled culinary gadgets, is admittedly more of a mouthful than the meal it produces) is the kind of device that just might let you slip a homemade breakfast pizza into your harried weekday schedule.

In the time it takes to make an omelette or bacon and eggs—or even to heat up a day-old slice—this device produces a fresh personal pizza in six minutes. Available for just south of $170 on Amazon, the steel stovetop oven heats up to 600°F above a gas burner—higher than most kitchen stoves—in about 15 minutes. That’s enough time to prepare your toppings or perform any number of morning duties that might require your attention, like celebrating that you don’t have to eat cold pizza again.

When the stove is preheated, you’ll need a pizza peel—or some other flat device—to slide your meal into the oven. Rotate once, check, and it’s done. If you want your pizza done up, crack an egg or two onto it, as well, to prove to your friends and family that you can basically prepare two meals at the same time.

The Pizzacraft, of course, isn’t the only device with which you can make a breakfast pizza. A simple cast-iron skillet will also do—it’s particularly good for deep dish. But with a six-minute bake time, this stovetop oven is hard to beat. Plus, it’ll help you feel better about eating leftover slices. There are few things more satisfying than eating day-old pizza of your own making.