Bust out the blowtorch to follow along at home
EC: This Smoked Pork Butt Breakfast Sandwich Is America
Credit: Photos by Alex Tepper

"Every house needs a blowtorch," says Tyson Ho, pitmaster of the North Carolina-style BBQ spot Arrogant Swine in Bushwick, Brooklyn. He likes to use his trusted torch to toast English muffins and give fried eggs a, well, blowtorched crispiness. The closest thing to a breakfast dish on Ho’s menu is waffle-iron-pressed mac n' cheese, so when we said we were swinging by to do a video, he set out to create the ultimate BBQ breakfast sandwich. It's safe to say he absolutely killed it.

The whole process starts with wood. Ho's staff chops all the wood for the in-house smoker—or rather, out-of-house smoker, given that Ho keeps a massive pile of lumber in the backyard. In the video, through the magic of film editing, we trick you into thinking that a man in a pig suit chopped the wood that became coal that then smoked the pork butt in the sandwich. In real life, Ho smoked that butt long before we got there. It’s food entertainment, people. Relax!

Once the pork butt is smoked for 12 hours and achieves thumb-tenderness, Ho fries an egg, blowtorches an English muffin, and then blowtorches the egg for good measure. Next he places a “small portion” of pork butt in the English muffin (his small portion is as big as a piglet). He dresses it with Eastern North Carolina-style vinegar and pepper sauce AND South Carolina mustard sauce in order to “make peace with the North and South.” Then comes the fried egg, yolk unbroken for now.

The result? As Ho says, “That is America.” Monstrous, full of pork, and covered in sauce—indeed it is.

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