Tres Agaves makes more than tequila
Credit: Photo by Rebecca Firkser

I’ve said it before: I don’t like bloody mary mix. I don’t want to drink it and I certainly won’t spend money on it. Does that make me sound like a snob? I'm OK with that. As I mentioned in a recent bloody mary story, I purposefully avoid bloody marys in bars and restaurants because I find most mixes to be such a bummer. They’re often too sweet and always lacking in that zingy umami punch. When I want one of those savory red drinks, I make my own, and that includes the tomatoey bloody mary mixture. There’s one mix that I recently encountered, however, that gives me hope: Tres Agaves Organic Bloody Mary Mix.

Before discovering this mix, I only knew of Tres Agaves as a tequila brand. Of course, the recipe for a bloody mary on the company's website calls for tequila instead of vodka—more commonly known as a bloody maria, but I see no reason to fight that. In my world, tequila > vodka. But what really stood out to me about the Tres Agaves bloody mary mix were the ingredients, specifically, how few there were. Here’s what’s going on in the bottle: water, tomato paste, lemon juice concentrate, agave, vinegar, spices, onion powder, garlic powder, lime flavor, and salt. Additionally, I’d like to add that all of the ingredients (except for the lime flavor and salt) are certified USDA Organic, which is pretty cool.

The tomato paste in this mix adds a roasty depth to the concentrate, in a way that really complements smoky tequila. As an acid fan, I would add a touch more lemon juice (or even olive juice) when making myself a cocktail with this, and maybe a splash of hot sauce for good measure.

Other commercially sold bloody mary mixes can be packing a number of weird ingredients. In several store-bought mixes, I’ve seen seen high fructose corn syrup, xanthan gum, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, cornstarch, and a number of preservatives on ingredients lists. While there’s nothing necessarily bad about eating or drinking products with these ingredients, when it comes to bloody mix, they’re really unnecessary. While I still might elect to DIY, if I was preparing a brunch for a large party, I’d reach for Tres Agave’s mix, no question. It’s available for purchase at select liquor and grocery stores, and on Drizly. You can find out specifics for your area on the “where to buy” section of the Tres Agaves website.