It's called Dripkit, and it could be a game changer

EC: This Portable Pour-Over Coffee Maker Just Launched on Kickstarter 
Credit: Photo courtesy of Dripkit

There are a whole bunch of coffee innovations on Kickstarter, but Dripkit, a smart, simple invention that makes pour over coffee portable and easy, may be a game changer. As creative freelancers, founders Ilana Kruger and Kara Cohen "felt like there wasn't a coffee product on the market designed for their lifestyles," according to the Dripkit press release. They set out to create a way to make a single, quality cup of coffee that fit in to their on-the-go routine and didn't harm the environment. Dripkit was born. Their funding campaign just launched this morning, and they've already raised nearly 20% of their $25,000 goal.

Dripkit was designed with simplicity in mind. Each Dripkit features an individual packet contains exactly the right amount of coffee grounds for a single serving of coffee, as well as the filter and a dripper.

So, all the messy stuff is cut out of the equation. All you have to do is tear open the packet, place the filter —which already contains coffee grounds—over the mouth of the mug or cup you're using, and slowly pour hot water in, just like you'd do with any other pour over set-up. Then, you can throw it away.

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Credit: Photo courtesy of dripkit

Kruger and Cohen have gone to great lengths to ensure their coffee is of the highest quality and their packaging is of the sleekest, most environmentally-savvy design.

They source their coffee from "a small cooperative of farms on the side of a volcano in Antigua, Guatemala." When the coffee arrives in New York, their partners at City of Saints roastery in Bushwick roast it to order. Then, the coffee is packaged "in an airtight packet that lets gasses escape and keeps oxygen out."

It took five months, 100 different prototypes, and nine engineers and designers to land on the winning design—and they've still have bigger plans. While the packaging is entirely biodegradable right now, by 2025, they aim to have all of their packaging be compostable.

If the Kickstarter campaign continues to go well, Dripkit will officially launch in November of this year.