Actual chemistry degree not included
EC: This Periodic Table Coffee Table Teaches You Science While You Eat
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Lovers of breakfast and science, this one is for you. Los Angeles-based furniture designer James de Wulf has created a beautiful Periodic Table of Elements coffee table, available at a luxury online marketplace called 1stdibs. It’s the type of furniture piece that doesn’t need a delicate vase or a bowl of fake fruit. And it certainly doesn’t call for a pile of gourmet food books to make you look like a smarty pants. By itself, this fancy coffee table exudes modern simplicity with an industrial twist. And whether you are a professional chemist or simply grew up watching Bill Nye and want to buy a new beautiful coffee table, this product will speak to any science lover’s heart (and brain).

Priced at a whopping $2,800, this exquisite piece was designed in the vein of brutalism, a style of architecture that focuses on raw surfaces, rough textures, and heavy materials. Its name stems from the use of béton brut, a type of architectural concrete. So it’s no surprise that this table features a powder-coated steel base and a sturdy concrete top, boasting an indentation of the Periodic Table. I think it’s safe to say that this table will be strong enough to hold your entire mug collection and then some.

In one sitting, you can serve coffee (and a delicious brunch) and memorize all the elements. No word on whether the designer will engrave new elements in your table as they're discovered. And while this fancy shmancy coffee table costs a pretty penny, a science-loving breakfast fan can certainly dream.