It's the Yabba Dabba Brew
EC: This Ohio Brewery Just Released a Fruity Pebbles IPA
Credit: Photo courtesy Homestead Beer

To succeed as a craft brewery, you have thinking outside the box to capture a beer snob’s attention. In the case of Homestead Beer co., however, going above and beyond with their newest double IPA started by looking inside a Fruity Pebbles box.

In an effort to “try something totally lunatic” brewer Adam Rhodes and his team raided their local cereal aisle to come up with Yabba Dabba Brew, an 8.1% abv double IPA. Exhibiting a subtle shade of green, the beer not only apparently tastes like a cartoony breakfast cereal, it aso looks like one too. “I’ve never seen that before in a beer,” says Rhodes. “It’s really striking.”

So why, a Fruity Pebbles Double IPA instead of, say, a Lucky Charms lager or a Honey Nut Cheerios hefeweizen? Turns out that choice had nothing to do with anything other than the fact that it’s one of the brewers’ favorite cereals.

But while the cereal selection was pretty unscientific, Homestead took Yabba Dabba Brew’s development process as cerealously as they would with any other batch. If anything, it sounds like Homestead enjoyed the challenge of creating something viable, but unconventional. “It was really interesting and engaged the analytical, science part of our brain,” said Rhodes, “We want to play in this space and make a really good beer with unusual things.”

It’s not the only unconventional IPA inspired by sugary sweets that Homestead’s got brewing. They’ve already put out a Strawberry Milkshake IPA, and new creations inspired by key lime pie and neapolitan ice cream are allegedly on the way. They plan to release a variety pack so curious craft beer fans can try each one.

But before you rush off to pour a Yabba Dabba Brew into a bowl of Fruity Pebbles, it looks like it’ll only be available at Homestead’s Heath, Ohio brewery and certain locations in the greater Columbus area. So unless you’re planning a pilgrimage to the area, you’ll have to get your hair of the dog drinking done like the rest of us.