Save money with this one simple trick
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EC: This No-Machine Cappuccino Hack Will Make You Feel Like a Coffee Aficionado
Credit: Photo and Video by Alex Tepper

Cappuccinos aren’t generally something you make at home (unless you’re fancy AF, in which case you’re in the 1%). It’s usually a drink that’s purchased on the way to work or when you’re out to brunch, made by a barista who knows how to work a fancy coffee machine. Nevertheless, you may have always thought about how to make a cappuccino at home without an espresso machine, or how to froth milk, which is an important, distinguishing factor of the popular beverage. The good news is that making a cappuccino at home isn’t complicated at all and can be made without the assistance of a barista or a professional coffee maker with an attached milk frother. The key here is to get the milk frothed just right: Place milk into a sealed container, shake for 30 seconds, then pop into the microwave uncovered for 15 second intervals until the milk is coated with a bubbly foam on top. Tap the container on the counter a couple of times to remove any large bubbles, then pour the frothed milk over one or two shots of espresso—whatever you need to get through the day—and immediately save the $5 you would have spent at your local coffee shop.