Coffee and cookies, but make it in one cup
EC: This New Creamer Makes Your Coffee Taste Like Oreos
Credit: photo courtesy of junkbanter via instagram

Oreos and breakfast are more of a natural pairing than one might think. Between the return of Oreo O’s and the fact that we can now eat Oreos that taste like Dunkin Donuts coffee, it’s only right that we can complete the circle by making our coffee taste like Oreos in return.

That’s exactly what Coffee-Mate’s new “Cookies & Cream” flavor purports to do. First spotted by Instagram food sleuths JunkBanter, the somewhat redundantly-named coffee creamer (“it’s cookies & cream and cream,” as the caption says) features an unbranded cookie that nonetheless bears a striking similarity to everyone’s favorite dunkable treat. Though the filling in an Oreo technically isn’t cream, there’s no doubt that they served as the new flavor’s muse. Unfortunately a picture can’t convey what this coffee additive might taste like, but our money’s on something sugary-sweet mixed with a hint of chocolate.

According to Nestlé (Coffee Mate’s parent company), we can expect the new flavor to show up on store shelves by early February. Between this and a Reese’s coffee creamer, there’s never been a better time for people who hate the taste of coffee to start drinking it.