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So you can get your coffee fix that much quicker

Kate Welsh
Updated: February 07, 2018

Dean and Lou Vastardis, the brother-brother pair behind BKON, a technologically advanced coffee brewing company, announced last year that they were going to launch the world's best cold brewer. Thanks to their patented RAIN (that's "reverse atmospheric infusion") technology, their goal was to make the fastest, largest, most-efficient, and, of course, tastiest cold coffee-making machine on the market, producing up to five gallons of cold brew in less than 20 minutes. Now, the machine—named "Storm"—has arrived, and is proving to be even more impressive: Storm can make 100 gallons of cold brew in 15 minutes. That's nearly seven gallons a minute. 

How in the world did BKON pull this off? Let's start with how RAIN technology works. First, a vacuum removes gasses from the cellular structure of the ingredient—in this case, coffee beans. Then, the vacuum "releases," and infusion occurs when the liquid is allowed into the ingredient's cellular structure. Then, the purest version of the ingredient's flavor is released into the surrounding liquid, essentially infusing that liquid with flavor. This cycle occurs three times, providing a deep, full flavor. The technology was rejiggered for the Storm, allowing for coffee beverages to be served at much lower temperatures, and in much bigger batches. 

The technology isn't just impressive in terms of scale and speed. The BKON press release also notes, that the Storm will “reduce coffee expenses by 30%, with no proportional increases in labor, overhead, or capital costs." Basically, it can do a whole lot more with a whole lot less. And on top of that, it'll taste better. The extraction method allows for a flavor that's more like that of hot coffee, and therefore more representative of the true flavors of a particular roast. 

The Storm will allow for some creative coffee drinks, too, including the Coldstretto, which promises to combine "the sweet and vivid flavors of concentrated espresso with the smoothness of cold brew." 

Unfortunately, however, you'll only be able to try out coffee made with the Storm in New York and Miami for now—and only then at very few locations. 

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