A new device makes Keurig pods more mobile
EC: This K-Cup Coffee Mug Brews On the Go
Credit: Photo by Flickr user Mike Prosser

If you’ve ever had to wake up in the morning (do not recommend) ,then you’ll know that every extra minute of sleep is valuable. We’ve sacrificed workouts, showers, and even breakfast for the sake of a few extra zzz’s, but the one thing we always drag ourselves up for is coffee. However, a new Kickstarter campaign wants to save you even those few minutes with the creation of AnyCafé, a travel brewer that makes K-Cup coffee on the go.

The time you normally spend fumbling with your Keurig and waiting for the elixir to manifest could actually be spent in bed, provided the AnyCafé’s Kickstarter campaign hits $75,000 by mid-December. The product looks just like a regular travel mug or thermos, but fill it with water, pop a K-Cup (or most any other single serving coffee pod) under the lid, press a button, and your morning coffee will brew in the palm of your hand.

The method is identical to the machine that sits on your counter, but because of the lack of pressure in the cup, the actual execution is more like to a drip brewer. It might not be as speedy, but the taste is fuller, richer, and most importantly, portable. On one charge (contained in a removable battery pack on the bottom of the cup), the AnyCafé can brew two 9.5 ounce cups of coffee. It can be recharged using a standard 12v charger.

Currently, the AnyCafé deals with K-Cups because of their portability and prevalence, but the Kickstarter acknowledges the environmental impact of the pods. “We plan to make it possible to use loose grounds or tea leaves in order to help cut down on the growing epidemic of plastic waste from single-serve brewers,” it reads. “We currently are not able to offer this now, but if we raise sufficient funding it will be one of the first upgrades we will offer.”

Like any good Kickstarter, the AnyCafé comes with perks, namely early access to the first physical travel brewers, first due out sometime in August 2017 — for the lucky people who already claimed it. The Ultra Early Bird perk is already sold out, meaning the soonest java-obsessed shoppers can get their hands on the AnyCafé is September 2017, with the first official wave being sent out in October.

Until then, the campaign needs a little over $50,000 to hit their goal. That’s about the same as what we’d pay to hit the snooze button just one more time.