Justin’s maple almond butter is the best—no taste test needed

Credit: Photo by @justins via Instagram

Gather ‘round kids, and let me tell you about the best nut butter in existence. Justin’s maple almond butter has gotten me through bland oatmeal and naked toast, through an empty fridge and 6 a.m. hunger pangs. I won’t be modest, I consider myself an almond butter aficionado. I’ve tried many many brands and even more recipes. I’ve played with sprouted almond butter and raw almond butter and roasted almond butter. Some almond butters are drippy and smooth, more like drizzly tahini than spreadable peanut butter, and others are thick and crunchy. All of Justin’s nut butters (from peanut to almond to cashew) are very thick, yet completely smooth. Flavor, however, is what makes Justin’s maple almond butter stand above the rest.

This almond butter, which contains just dry roasted almonds, maple sugar, palm oil, and sea salt, is such a perfect blend of sweet and salty it’s legitimately hard to stop eating after the first bite. A flavor sensation akin to chocolate-covered pretzels, there’s nothing stopping you from housing significantly more than the recommended serving size in mere minutes. Be it on an apple or English muffin, this nut butter improves everything it touches.

Even the company’s founder, Justin Gold believes in the star power of maple almond butter. Every jar reads: “You’re holding what I consider to be the most perfect tasting nut butter on the planet, and I’m not afraid to say it.” Thank you for your honesty, Justin. I’m not afraid to agree.

If you’ve picked up one of these jars in the grocery store, I bet you put it down because of the cost. Justin’s maple almond butter can be pretty pricey compared to other brands of almond butter, which is already a moderately expensive item. On the company’s website, a 16-ounce jar can be purchased for $13.99, which means it’s often sold for at least a couple bucks more at most grocery stores. I have purchased it at several Whole Foods stores on more than one occasion in Manhattan and Northern New Jersey for $12 and change, and on a few rare occasions, around $10 during a special sale (during which you can catch me bulk-buying jars and crying tears of joy).

Perhaps at this point you want to shout at me that there’s no way an almond butter could even begin to compete with peanut butter, and who the hell am I to tell you otherwise, I understand your skepticism. As someone who used to take down half a jar of Jif with a dinner spoon and a free afternoon, I understand your point, but I respectfully disagree. Justin’s maple almond butter is better. It just is.