Photo courtesy YouTube

A very tiny cup of coffee, but very satisfying to watch

Margaret Eby
February 07, 2018

Usually, when you're going to grind coffee beans, you would probably err on the side of at least a couple dozen, unless you like your coffee pretty weak. The average human-sized cup coffee takes about 70 coffee beans to make, and anyway, usually coffee ratios are determined by rate, rather than a per-bean basis. But artist and designer Lucas Zanatto, at the behest of the Finnish coffee and cocoa company Paulig, set out to make coffee with just a single coffee bean. Zanatto's other work includes a video of drones making a cake, so it's no wonder that he was up for the assignment.

The video of Zanatto's preparation, dubbed the "world's smallest cup of coffee," show the designer going to great lengths to make a Barbie-appropriate amount of coffee. Zanatto "grinds" the single bean using a nail file, and then uses a very tiny pour-over apparatus and hot water warmed up with a tea-light to brew the stuff. At the end, there is a perfect, albeit extremely small cup of coffee. 

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