Make art with your Sriracha like you've always wanted to

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder
Updated February 13, 2018
EC: This Instagram Artist Draws Cartoon Faces in His Eggs and Sriracha
Credit: Photo via Instagram user gothmansion

Have you ever looked at a bowl of grits with two fried eggs plopped on top and seen a face? Well, Tony Guajardo has, and once you've seen his egg and grits art on Instagram, you won't be able to unsee the cartoon faces that are hiding in your breakfast. As with many good ideas, Guajardo's eggs and grits art "all kind of started out as a joke, as I eat eggs and grits for breakfast some days throughout the week at work before a shift." He usually tops his organic corn grits, made with lots of butter and milk to make them nice and creamy, with a couple eggs, Sriracha, pepper, sea salt, and Tajin, "which is like a nice chili lime salt," Guajardo explained in an email.

But all these condiments on top of his breakfast bowl just weren't enough to keep Guajardo entertained. He continued, "I just saw things in the eggs and grits and decided to make images out of them, because slapping a condiment on top is just so boring." There's no reason to cover your grits and eggs with Sriracha when you can make faces out of them, and then post them on Instagram to the delight of your friends and coworkers, after all.

So far, Guajardo's designs have spanned movies and cartoons, though they sometimes get a little saucy—like one bowl featuring a quite delightful, yet somewhat NSFW grits and eggs pin-up that's got a seductive jiggle. He's somewhat agnostic when it comes to how he prepares his eggs, though. "I like my eggs anyway really! It just depends on my mood you know? Some days I feel all scrambled so I'll make 'em scrambled." But the best eggs for art? "Fried eggs are my egg of choice."

Even if the way the egg is cooked doesn't matter, Guajardo's got strong feelings about his condiments, though. "I hate ketchup," he said. But really, when Sriracha looks this good, there's no reason to use anything else.

Check out some of Guajardo's grits and eggs designs from his Instagram below, and post your own art with the hashtag #eggsandgrits.

Since, Guadjaro has made a fried egg Batman.

He's also tried his hand at a puppy, this time with three fried eggs.

I'm assuming this is Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, given the red bandana.

Mike from Monsters Inc. already kind of looks like an egg, so why not make him out of eggs and grits?