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Scrambled eggs aren’t supposed to be well done, guy

Sammy Nickalls
February 07, 2018

Overeasy, sunny side up, scrambled—there are plenty of ways to enjoy the ever-versatile egg in the morning. However, an unadvisable way is insanely well-done to the point where they’re Jello egg garbage. And an even more unadvisable way is to scream at your servers when they don’t deliver you Jello egg garbage, then threaten to shoot them. The Associated Press reports that police in suburban Cleveland, Ohio, responded to a call about a 20-year-old man becoming overly aggressive in a Steak 'n Shake restaurant because his eggs on his sandwich were too runny.

“Yesterday SEPD received a call from an employee of a local fast food restaurant reporting that an irate male stormed into the restaurant acting crazy,” wrote the South Euclid Police Department in a statement on Facebook. “He yelled that he had a gun and was going to shoot someone.”

Reportedly, the man went into the restricted area of the kitchen to “deal” with the person who prepared his sandwich. “When police arrived the male was very irate and extremely uncooperative,” the SEPD wrote. “The male had ordered a sandwich and was not satisfied with the way it tasted. The male was arrested and charged with aggravated menacing.”

The SEPD advised fast food patrons who are dissatisfied with their food to not to "make comments you will regret later" or "take matters into your own hands." Feels like this shouldn't have to be said, but hey, America.

By the way, it's ok for eggs to be kind of goopy. The traditional scramble may be a little alarming if you're used to harder, well-done eggs, but if you give it a try for yourself, you’ll realize a little bit of runniness in your eggs is nothing to shoot anyone over.

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