It's called "bungee dunking" and Simon Berry is now its champion
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EC: This Guy Just Broke a Guinness World Record Dunking a Biscuit in Tea from 240 Feet Up
Credit: Image via YouTube

Typically, one partakes in the ritual of tea and biscuits to enjoy a moment of calm. But today, the quintessentially British pairing was key in a Guinness World Record Day stunt that was anything but. Simon Berry, a 24-year-old British man, has claimed the record for the highest bungee dunk ever. After jumping from a platform 240 feet 10 inches high, he successfully dunked a biscuit into a mug of tea set up on a tray and suspended over water at Bray Lake Watersports in Berkshire, UK. For reasons unknown, Berry selected a chocolate hobnob biscuit to dunk into traditional milky tea in a patriotic Union Jack mug.

Watch, and feel your stomach lurch, as Berry leaps from the platform. With biscuit in hand, he holds his arm steady throughout the 240-foot fall, finally dunking the chocolate hobnob into the tea with just a moderate splash. What you won't see is Berry enjoying the hobnob biscuit back on the ground. It being Guinness World Record Day, the officials were on hand to award Berry the title of highest bungee dunk and snap some photos of Berry and his soggy, record-breaking biscuit.

Berry beat the previous record holder by more than 42 feet. That record was set in 2013 by American Ron Jones, who bungee jumped 198 feet 8 inches to dunk a doughnut into a cup of coffee. Apparently, this is one Guinness World Record that must involve breakfast. I propose we reclaim the title from the Brits next year. How does dunking a bagel into some whipped cream cheese sound?