We’ve got a real-life Gaston here, folks
EC: This Guy Drank 50 Raw Eggs in 15 Seconds
Credit: Photo by Daniel Day via Getty Images

A man recently filmed himself drinking 50 raw eggs from large beer mugs. The 17-second video posted by a live-streamer in China shows five pint glasses filled to the brim with raw eggs stacked on top of one another. The man in the video then downs glass after glass—each of which appears to contain at least 10 eggs—in mere seconds, with no signs of slowing down. Whether the feat was to display his love for noted egg-guzzler Gaston fromBeauty and the Beast (or perhaps he’s a Rocky fan?) or if it was simply for a big protein boost remains unknown. But it’s clear that this wasn’t the first time this guy has chugged raw eggs.

My other question about this concerns the safety factor here. Raw eggs can carry harmful bacteria like Salmonella, but should be OK when properly cooked—to an internal temperature of 160ºF, according to the CDC. While Salmonella is more likely to be harmful to those with weakened immune systems, odds are most of us have thought twice before ordering the real-deal Caesar salad, even with CDC-recommended pasteurized eggs. And sure, it’s probably fine for people with healthy immune systems to steal a bite of raw cookie dough or order a cocktail frothy with egg whites, but the man in the video chugs what appears to be 50 eggs. That can’t possibly be safe, can it?

No, it probably isn’t. Turns out, those looking to bulk up with the protein from raw eggs (fictional and otherwise) may actually be doing more harm to their bodies than help. A recent study reported many cases of Salmonella in bodybuilders that regularly consumed large quantities of raw eggs. Couple that with another study that says a body can absorb almost 100 percent of the protein in cooked eggs, but only about 50 percent in raw eggs, and I really have to wonder why anyone would swallow raw eggs for nutrition.

While this live-streamer’s raw egg stunt is no doubt enthralling, if the guy was looking to increase his daily protein I may suggest just having a few hard boiled eggs and a protein shake and call it a day.