The odds are one in a quintillion
Double Yolk Chicken Egg
Credit: Photo via Getty Images

The discover of a double-yolked egg while baking or cooking can either be super fun or a huge pain: it can mean either an extra-large Eggs Benedict or a botched recipe. But one guy in Maine just broke all expectations about bonus-yolk eggs, cracking a miraculous dozen eggs in a row that had two yolks. The lucky guy goes by the name of Mark J on Youtube, where he uploaded a video of his double-yolkers under the title “5 double yolk eggs in a row yesterday, 7 today. Trader Joe’s/ Sauder’s drugging their chickens?!” claims that each of the dozen eggs he recently purchased from Trader Joe’s had more than the expected number of yolks. Setting aside the conspiracy theory implied in the video’s title, it’s still a pretty unique feat.

According to Mashable, getting 12 double-yolk eggs in a row is super unlikely. The odds of getting just one double-yolked egg is one in 1,000, six in a row is one in a quintillion. The odds of getting a full dozen double-yolked eggs in a row are so high Mashable didn’t offer a number, but let’s all agree that if 6 in a row puts us in the quintillions, 12 in a row is a true mathematical anomaly.

Mark J only got the last five eggs in his video, and claims he cracked the other seven the day before. For anyone wondering what exactly a double-yolked egg is, the phenomenon occurs when a hen releases two ova too close together. The result is an eggshell that contains more than one egg, the website Fresh Eggs Daily explains. So it’s not the case that Trader Joe’s or the egg supplier Sauders are feeding their chickens something funky; it’s a natural occurrence that Mark J randomly experienced way more than the rest of us usually do.

So do not be alarmed if you ever get an egg that’s actually two eggs. But maybe go ahead and buy a lottery ticket if you get as many as 12 in a row.