Good god, we needed this today
EC: This Golden Retriever Eating Bacon with Human Hands Will Make You Feel Better
Credit: Photo Courtesy of YouTube

As a self-proclaimed dog enthusiast with a demonstrated history of making dogs do stupid-cute things for the sake of an Instagram post, I totally understand the impulse to set up a tripod and camera, make your dog eat breakfast with human hands, and post the final video on the internet. It sounds a little crazy to put together a whole at-home video production to feed your dog breakfast with a fork and knife while you crouch behind its back, hidden behind a sweatshirt. But have you seen how cute the results are? It's a visual trick that'll never get old. Plus, the dog gets to eat real bacon from the kitchen table, not just bacon-flavored dog treats thrown into a dog bowl, and that has to be a huge upgrade.

There are actually dozens of videos of animals eating with human hands, if you want to fall down that delightful rabbit hole, but this video of a golden retriever eating breakfast might be my personal favorite. Set to that relentlessly upbeat morning tune "Good Morning" from Singin' in the Rain, this clip features a pup in a black hoodie reading the morning paper, making quick work of a banana, eating slices of bacon with a fork and knife, even cleaning itself off with a napkin.

Sure, the whole thing is a little bit dumb, but sometimes, some dumb, cute fun is just what you need in the morning—especially when it comes the day after a political dumpster fire and in the form of a golden retriever with a surprisingly nimble set of human hands.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder