Never eat burned toast again
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EC: This Glass Toaster Lets You Make Perfect Toast Every Time
Credit: Photo Courtesy of Magimix via Amazon

I was first alerted to the existence of this glass-sided toaster by our site's editorial director Meredith Turits, who spotted it on a list of "great new" wedding registry gifts from New York magazine. "From a certified engaged person, would buy," she told the team in a very important Slack update. "You can quote me." And though I'm sure, for a lot of people, watching your bread turn to toast is about as interesting as waiting for water to boil or watching paint dry, I think this machine is fascinating and surprisingly practical. I have a tendency to over-cook (read: burn )my toast. So I usually put my toaster on the lowest setting and pop the bread in and out, 15 to 20 seconds at a time, until it's done just right.

The beauty of this glass-sided toaster from Magimax, though, is that you can see exactly how brown your toast has gotten without popping it out of the toaster or doing that thing where you slide the slice of bread out of the slot while it's still toasting to peek a look. You can actually see if your toast is starting to burn while it's toasting, which is nothing short of revelatory for someone who often fails at toasting toast correctly.

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Credit: Photo Courtesy of Magimix via Amazon

There are more high-tech versions of this glass-sided toaster out there, like the Morphy Richards Redefine Glass Toaster, which is made of thermoglass technology; that means the glass itself heats up and toasts the slices of bread perfectly evenly. There are also cheaper alternatives for those who don't want to shell out over $200 for a fairly ordinary household appliance that you can literally find for less than $8 at Wal-Mart. You could go for the Kalorik 2-Slice Glass Panel Long Slot Toaster, which usually costs just under $100, or the Elite Platinum ECT-153 Maxi-Matic 2-Slice Glass Sided Toaster, which comes in at $37.49 on Amazon.

But the Magimix makes the O.G. glass-sided toaster. It was designed by Robot-Coupe, a French food equipment firm that, according to the New York Times, "originated the food processor and first sold the toaster in Europe." And it gets reliably good reviews on Amazon. "Have had it for a month and look forward to toast every morning," wrote T. Kinch, giving it five stars. "Perfect toast every time and it doesn't launch the bread on to the counter or the floor." Marilyn Morgan basically wrote a poem about it: "I love the way it toast bread, bagels and muffins. We love the crispness of the toast. Love to watch it toast with a clear view."

So say goodbye to too-toasted toast and slices of bread popping out onto the floor, and hello to THE FUTURE.

Magimix Colored Vision Toaster in Black, $227.95,

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