G&Ts are the fountain of youth after all

EC: This Gin Claims to Make You Look Younger
Credit: Photo by Unsplash user Jez Timms

Gin is a fantastic liquor: it’s crisp, not overly flavorful, and goes down smooth, but can it possess magical age-defying powers? A soon to open gin bar in England, Crocketts Gin and Cocktail bar, claims to have a gin that makes you look younger as you drink it. The gin contains actual collagen, and thus the liquor has been dubbed, natch, CollaGin, and supposedly the more you drink it down, the more youthful you look (and allegedly not just because you’re wasted and can’t see very well). CollaGin is just one of the many creations the Exeter bar will serve up, though none of others claim any fountain of youth effects.

According to Devon Live, Crocketts will also serve an “ink gin,” which transforms from plain old clear gin to a lovely bright pink color for a fun and festive touch. In total, Crockets will serve 200 different gins, and the owners plan to make the bar a celebration of the drink they love so much. While the bar’s focus will be on gin drinks, they will also serve champagne and prosecco. Crockers will even serve a booze-free prosecco for those who want to imbibe but still be able to drive on their way home (or not deal with the infamous champagne/ prosecco hangover the next day).

As for the CollaGin, this isn’t the first gin that comes with claims of diminished wrinkles and restored skin. In 2016, the British hotel group Warner Hotels in partnership with two food designers released Anti-aGin (evidently it’s a requirement for collagen gins to have punny names). The gin sells in Warner hotels and supermarkets around the UK, and was created specifically to give a “revitalizing” effect to drinkers.

There aren't any scientific studies that can shed light on whether or not drinking collagen with your cocktail will have any anti-aging effects. But seeing for yourself by downing a few delicious cocktails wouldn’t be the worst experiment to try out.