Photo courtesy of Levo

It's also good for regular food 

Sammy Nickalls
February 07, 2018

If the idea of starting your day with toast smeared with a little weed butter sounds heavenly, may I direct your attention to the latest stoner-friendly gadget on the market: LEVO. The device is the first of its kind created exclusively for infusing herbs into oil and butter, meaning it's simpler than ever to infuse weed into pretty much anything you cook if you're looking to enhance your edible game. If you were already super jazzed about weed-infused coffee pods, LEVO can help you make a pretty blazin’ breakfast.

The LEVO is multipurpose, too: You can use it for any herb you like, so the very same device that can help you make cannabis lotion can also let you create unique marinades or a lovely rosemary butter spread. 

Of course, it's certainly an investment to add this to your kitchen: One infuser costs $199.99 and comes in either black, copper (my personal favorite), or stainless steel. If you’re not quite ready to lay down the cash, check out our ultimate guide to making the perfect weed butter.

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