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San Diego's Misadventure & Co. is making liquor from food waste

Elizabeth King
February 07, 2018

Ever have a terrible day where you feel like trash and just want to unwind with a stiff drink? Well remarkably, you can now drink vodka that's made using actual garbage, thanks to a funky distillery in (where else?) California. The San Diego distillery, Misadventure & Co is using food waste as a starch to filter their vodka, according to Grub Street. The company primarily uses discarded bread products (even baguettes, Twinkies, and other pastries), during its unique and waste-eliminating vodka making process. And yes, the vodka is literally made from bread products that have been deemed unfit for donation or have expired.

Misadventure & Co turns baked goods into booze by first blending up all of the bread products, which is then turned into a great heap of mush. Next, the vodka-makers add yeast before beginning the distilling and filtration process. The pastry-born booze helps keep Misadventure’s costs down, which means they’re able to sell a pretty strong bottle of booze (80 proof) for only $22.

But beyond price, the desire to eliminate food waste seems to be top of mind for the company. The distillery’s website markets it as one of “vice and virtue” that operates on a model of “hedonistic sustainability,” connecting something most people love (alcohol) with something we need to save: the planet. Misadventure & Co co-owners Whit Rigali and Sam Chereskin have also been vocal about the harms of food waste amid buzz for their product.

The vodka is served in various restaurants and bars around the North County area of California where the distillery is located. Southern California is the first to produce such a liquor made out of food waste, according to the Misadventure owners, but if it gets popular enough, perhaps it won’t be the last.

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