Goes great with a side of Nutella fries

By Gabrielle Van Tassel
Updated February 13, 2018
Credit: photo by jirkaejc via getty images

Just in time for the official Nutella cafe to open in Chicago, food blogger Samantha Schnur of The Naughty Fork has developed a deep-fried Nutella burger. That sounds pretty weird if it's a hamburger with Nutella. But no, the Nutella burger is not a hamburger coated with Nutella. That would probably be gross, but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t try it. The patty itself is just a glob of fried Nutella sandwiched between two halves of a glazed doughnut.

Schnur is no newcomer to Nutella recipes. The Naughty Fork Instagram is littered with grotesquely delicious images of Nutella mash-ups of her own creation and some from popular restaurants. She will put Nutella on seemingly anything, from pancakes to bagels to snickerdoodles. When you stop drooling over her Insta, you can find Nutella recipes on the actual blog, but unfortunately the one that’s not posted yet is the Nutella burger. So before you try your hand at recreating it, you might want to start out small with Nutella fries of your own or some no-knead Breakfast Calzones.

Since you’re probably raring to go, you can just refer to the video on Schnur’s Instagram and follow the steps for how we would approach the burger.

First you’ll need to find a banana, a strawberry, a glazed doughnut, and a jar of Nutella.

Scoop three heaping spoonfuls of Nutella into a bowl with cling wrap so you can freeze the Nutella. Once it’s solid, find a deep pot and fill it half full with your preferred frying oil (we’d go with peanut) and preheat it.

Cut your doughnut in half, slice up your strawberry and banana, and then whip up some pancake batter.

Once the oil reaches about 350 degrees, coat your Nutella puck in the batter and then carefully lower it into the oil.

Once the batter has set and started to lightly brown, remove your Nutella patty and place it on your doughnut bun. Top it with the sliced fruit and, if you’re really feeling gluttonous, some whipped cream.