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It won't give you caffiene-induced heart palpitations

Rebecca Firkser
July 12, 2018

Sometimes when I drink cold brew I accidentally have too much. Like, three cups too much. I sip and I sip until I realize my hands are shaking from the concentrated caffeine. Since I don’t trust myself to not overdo it on the cold brew, I rarely even put myself in the same room as the stuff. But when Extra Crispy Senior Culture Editor Margaret Eby was playing with cold brew in the test kitchen the other day, it was impossible not to fall under the smooth, cold coffee spell. Eby created what is essentially a caffeinated spin on an egg cream, a French soda, and a Vietnamese iced coffee that you must know about.

Pour a good splash (about an ounce) of cold brew concentrate into a cup filled with ice.

Top the coffee with seltzer.

Now comes the really fun part: top the cold brew sodas with a hefty drizzle of sweetened condensed milk. In short, it was outrageously tasty. So tasty, even Associate Editor Kate Welsh, who rarely drinks coffee, said it was going to be hard not to finish.

Of course, if you want to make this drink right now and don’t happen to have sweetened condensed milk on hand, any creamy product should do. Cream, skim milk, 2 percent. Same goes for non-dairy: I imagine well-shaken coconut milk would be lovely, as would almond, oat, or soy milk.

If you wanted to get really fancy (and don't have any heavy machinery to operate), add a splash of bourbon or Kahlua to the cup. You won’t be sorry.

Before sipping, a furious whisk with a fork will yield a layer of fizzy foam. Finally, a small squeeze of lemon sets this over the top. Like the strange-but-good pairing of coffee and lemonade, that whoosh of tart zinginess amplifies the roasty flavor of the coffee so well you’ll probably chug this cup immediately and have to pour another.

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