You probably need this crafty kitchen appliance
EC: This Coffee Maker Is Made from Legos
Credit: Photo by Flickr user matsuyuki

The thrill of preparing something ingestible in an unconventional manner often outweighs the desire for that thing to actually taste good. That, I imagine, is the appeal of the Easy-Bake Oven—yes, adults use those, too, because they’re fun and cute and retro—and probably the Keurig coffee maker, which produces weak, ineffectual swill but is pretty interesting to watch as it makes you a cup (and it’s really convenient, of course). But a new automatic coffee maker made mostly from Legos surely bests the Keurig—and most other useless but kind of awesome kitchen appliances—in every way. Because you can bet this leaking Lego machine makes horrendous coffee, but at least it looks cool and is ingeniously designed.

Produced by Astonishing Studios, which has an instructional YouTube channel devoted to showing off little vending machines and arcade games made from Legos—Munchkins, anyone?—this coin-operated coffee maker is a little more involved than your average toy dispenser. The main attraction is the heat coil that lowers down into your cup as the water is dripping, warming the drink in 45 seconds (at least according to the video, though I’m incredulous). “I wouldn’t advise using a dangerous heat coil in your own creations,” says the narrator of the video, which reveals the inner workings of the coffee maker in fascinating detail.

I myself wouldn’t advise drinking instant coffee, which is what this machine uses. But when the thrill is gone and you get tired of the taste of what is presumably some very watery java, you can always take the machine apart and turn it into something else.