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Writer and recipe developer Laurie Wolf says that this special trifle recipe for cannabutter-infused granola and yogurt is the “ultimate warm weather comfort breakfast and anytime snack. This recipe gives you a ‘mild highway’ to start the day! It’s refreshing, healthy, and it’s got cannabis.” Traditional trifles are made by stacking ingredients like custard, heavy cream, whipped cream, or ice cream with layers of cake, jelly, and fruit in a tall vessel. This cannabutter-infused breakfast version from Wolf's weed cookbook Herb is different for sticking to natural basics—there’s the sweetness from the fruit, and yogurt for creamy richness. The big difference is Wolf’s trifle offers a mild buzz.

Eaters beware: Medicinal and recreational use of marijuana, particularly in food, means you must try it in the smallest of doses, with consultation of your medical provider and budtender to insure a full understanding of the THC or CBD levels in marijuana and how your body handles it. As a cancer patient, I once sampled a large chunk of a marijuana breakfast cookie, forgetting that a cannabis cookie is vastly different from a non-medicated version. I was in for a delayed reaction that included two hours of light dizziness and major thirst instead of the mellow relaxation I was seeking to start my day.

Cannabutter-Infused Granola and Yogurt Trifle

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For the Cannabutter-Infused Granola

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Granola is a delightful start to the day, and this particular mix has both crunchy and chewy bits. Clusters if you will. And you will. With all the toasty flavors there is no taste of weed whatsoever. If you are vegan, cannabis-infused coconut oil is the way to go instead of butter. And you can rub that oil all over your body. Add any kind of dried fruit or nuts will do—the recipe is ultimately customizable. The granola also makes a terrific gift. Just make sure it’s labeled “Not for kids.”

Makes about 8 cups. Keeps for weeks in airtight container.

How to Make It

Step 1

Place 4 glasses or bowls on your work surface. Divide the yogurt between the bowls, leaving about a half cup in the container. 

Step 2

Heat oven to 300 degrees.

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