They’re the only place in New York doing it right now

By Rebecca Firkser
Updated March 22, 2018
Credit: Photo by Creative-Family via Getty Images

Now that it's in everything from chocolate bars to face oil, it’s not surprising to see CBD growing in mainstream popularity. However, there’s apparently only one cafe in New York City where you can legally buy a CBD-infused coffee drink. It’s in Brooklyn, obviously. Caffeine Underground, a cafe in Bushwick, stocks Flower Power Coffee, a line of CBD infused coffee grounds.

According to Bushwick Daily, Leighton Knowles, the creator of Flower Power Coffee, began the partnership by simply walking into Caffeine Underground to talk to the owner, Ian Ford, about CBD.

It’s fitting that Caffeine Underground is the place to find CBD-infused coffee. The cafe also sells other beverages used to promote mental clarity and reduce anxiety, like Kava, a psychoactive tea; Bulletproof coffee, coffee mixed with grass-fed butter or coconut oil; and Yerba mate, a caffeinated drink made from a South American evergreen holly leaves.

“This place is magic,” Ford told Bushwick Daily. “Caffeine Underground... it attracts these weird people at the right time for the right thing.”

It’s definitely the right time to be at the forefront of selling and making CBD-infused drinks. While most states have not yet legalized cannabis, CBD is legal in 43 states, and continues growing in popularity every year.

“In terms of the CBD market size, I estimate an almost $3 billion market by 2021,” said Matt Karnes of Greenwave Advisors to Forbes in 2016. In December 2017, the Hemp Business Journalestimated that the $450 million of the billion-dollar hemp industry will come from hemp-CBD based sources, a 700% increase from 2016.