Ooze some, win some

By Extra Crispy Staff
Updated February 13, 2018
EC: This Breakfast Burger Has #YolkPorn for Days
Credit: Video and Photo by Alex Tepper

Feel free to call us mad breakfast geniuses, because that’s exactly what we are. This isn’t just any average breakfast sandwich, it’s a hearty, protein-packed breakfast burger that’ll keep you satisfied—but not overstuffed—all morning long. We piled a made-from-scratch burger patty, a few strips of bacon, and a fried egg on top of a toasted English muffin instead of a classic burger bun. Then we slathered our homemade breakfast burger with "special sauce," a spicy Sriracha-mayonnaise combo, that sinks into the nooks and crannies. It’s not that far off from the breakfast sandwich you’d find at your favorite fast food joint—just made at home.

To make this breakfast burger recipe, start by mixing the patty ingredients—ground beef, salt, and ketchup—while you fry two strips of bacon. Once the bacon is fully cooked and crispy, fry your homemade burger patty in the leftover bacon grease. Flip it, cook some more, and then fry your egg in the same pan. Next, build your burger. Pull a toasted English muffin in two and spread some spicy mayo on the inside of each half. Pile on lettuce, the cooked patty, crispy bacon, and the fried egg. If you’re feeling bold, pour maple syrup over the whole darn thing, too. The runny yolk will break and run down your fingers and drip into your palms. Embrace the #eggporn—after you post the Instagram, of course.