Vietnamese street food transforms into a hot a.m. delicacy
EC: This Breakfast Bánh Mì Starts Your Day Off Spicy
Credit: Photo by Teresa Sabga, Styled by Jiselle Basile

Homemade breakfast bánh mì will not win your heart for its authenticity, but who cares when there’s a ton of flavor in every bite. Duck pâté and five-spice-flavored bacon replace pork in this less conventional approach to the Vietnamese classic. Toasted baguette rolls are packed with heat from jalapeños and Sriracha and stuffed with sweet and spicy vegetable ribbons crispier and crunchier than your typical bread-and-butter pickles. If you’re not convinced that this sandwich rules, here’s this: A sunny-side-up egg tops it all off. You’ll swoon over that sexy yolk running down your hand and forget that people even eat these things at night.