Pack a bowl, and, um, pack another bowl
EC: This Bowl Lets You Smoke Weed While Eating Cereal
Credit: Photo by Unsplash user David Streit

If you’re a fan of waking and baking, there’s one bowl that you may want to check out--and by “bowl,” I mean a couple things here. Ryan Hart has developed a wild combination of breakfast and weed paraphernalia called the Breakfast Bowl, and yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like: It lets you eat cereal and get high at the same time. Obviously, this has always been possible by using a separate cereal bowl, but hey, why the heck not, right? Hart told Vice Munchies that since weed and cereal are a match made in heaven, he decided to get rid of the middle man and make this duo-tool.

“The Breakfast Bowl Pipe was [an] internet myth that we had to break,” Hart wrote on the bowl’s website. “We saw all of the photos and followed all the links, but just couldn't find a place to buy it. So we did the next best thing, we commissioned the production so we could share it with the world.”

Hart added that he had an “uncontrollable need to have” a Breakfast Bowl:

"The production of The Breakfast Bowl Pipe came from my uncontrollable need to have one. I had seen various designs of combination-eating-bowl-and-water-pipes on the internet, and it was love at first site. After days (and days) of being possessed by the thought, and not being able to find a vendor who actually sold them, we decided we needed to contribute for the community and have these made."

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Credit: Photo courtesy shopify

The bowl is available for $89.00, which sounds expensive for a cereal bowl, but not *so* expensive for a cereal bowl that gets you blazed. is a "2-cup eating bowl with a water pipe built into an inner chamber" crafted with "borosilicate glass." It can be used with any 18mm bowl piece, though it comes with everything you need. Well, except for the weed. And the cereal. Time to go shopping.