Time to add “expert avo smasher” to your resume

Credit: photo by Westend61 via getty images

At this point, the concept of millennials’ obsession with avocado and subsequent fiscal irresponsibility is a worn-out cliché. But if you’re the kind of person whose avocado obsession borders on the fanatical, one Australian pop-up might just have a dream job waiting for you.

That’s right: Australian pop-up avocado eatery Good Fat is on the hunt for a "Head of Avo Control" to help out before their November 2 launch in Sydney’s Surry Hill neighborhood. The important-sounding job entails taste-testing each of the 20 different avocado-centric dishes set to grace Good Fat’s menu. In addition to your standard avocado toast, the avocado expert will weigh in on an avocado smoothie bowl served in its own skin, an “avocornetto” ice cream cone, and a plethora of other green foods. Naturally, the Head of Avo Control will pull double duty as an “avocate,” plastering content related to #OzAvoGoodFat all over social media.

So what sort of qualifications is Good Fat hoping the ideal applicant can bring to the tasting table? According to the job description, the first criteria is “a minimum two years experience in smashing avocados on toast or similar,” which means you’ll have to have been an avo obsessive since before it was cool. “Proven knowledge of how to check avocado ripeness by gently pressing the sweet spot” and “a healthy history of successful avocado selection” are also prerequisites. Compensation comes in the form of free food at Good Fat for the duration of its run, not to mention the ability to add “Head of Avo Control” on your resume.

Given how popular avocado pop-ups have proven to be in the US, there will surely be a flood of applicants for the short-term gig. Australians who aren’t lucky enough to land the gig can still enjoy any of the 20 avocado-themed options available at the pop-up from November 2 through the 30.