No dinky lemonade stand for this guy
EC: This 8-Year-Old Kid Is Getting Rich Selling Eggs
Credit: Image by Vicky Kasala via Getty Images

A young entrepreneur is making thousands of dollars selling and delivering eggs in Britain. Eight-year-old Junior-James Wyatt is set to earn £13,000 (just under $17,000) this year, after setting up his business Mr Free Range last month. Inspired by the British documentary television show How'd You Get So Rich?, Wyatt began his egg business with a £10 pocket-money investment—and now brings in £250 per week. Each week, Wyatt and his mother visit local farmers to purchase fresh eggs in bulk, then repackage and distribute the eggs to their list of 35 (and growing) customers. Although Wyatt is currently bringing in a mighty comfortable living for an 8-year-old, he has plans to continue growing Mr Free Range to a full-fledged business.

Like any good entrepreneur, Wyatt plans to save the majority of his earnings from Mr Free Range. Clearly very thankful for his family’s support, Wyatt has told multiple British news outlets of his plans for future success: to own a mansion to live in with his family.

While Wyatt’s mother Georgina maintains he does all the bookkeeping for the business, she runs the administrative parts of Mr Free Range to keep him offline. She also posts regularly on the business’s Facebook page with details on their delivery times, all of which remind customers they will come by after school hours.

Wyatt sells his eggs for a very affordable £2 for 6 eggs, £3.50 for 12 eggs, and £6 for 30. Each egg carton is with affixed the Mr Free Range label stating, “if you ate today, thank a farmer.”

The businessman is already expanding from selling his eggs to individuals. According to a Mr Free Range Facebook post, as of mid-June Wyatt began supplying eggs to a local cafe, and it’s likely he’ll go on to make arrangements with more restaurants in the future.