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Who knew foam could look so cool?

Maxine Builder
June 16, 2017

Sure, your barista can probably make a heart or even a fern in your morning latte, but I'd be willing to bet that 3D latte art they'd laugh if you asked for it. But 3D latte art is a real thing, and one Instagrammer is taking the skill to the next level. Known as @periperipeng on Instagram, 17-year-old Daphne Tan makes the cutest 3D latte art, all in her own kitchen. Tan lives in Singapore is totally self-taught when it comes to latte art. She started making these adorable creations after attending a workshop about gourmet coffee sponsored by her school. "I was curious about how foam was create[d] for lattes/cappuccinos and searched online for ways to do it at home," she explained in an Instagram message, adding, "Through my research, I discovered 3D latte art." The rest is Instagram history.

Tan walks through the process of how to make 3D latte art on her website, and though the finished product looks super complicated, her tools are decidedly low-tech. Part of the trick to making these characters is getting the right texture for the foam. "I was experimenting with a French press and found a method to create stable foam to make 3D art on top of my cups," she said, though these days, she uses a milk frother. But the only other tools she uses to create the characters are a couple wooden spoons and dowels. She then adds details with melted chocolate.

And boy, are these cups of coffee totally Instagram-worthy. Take this bear, chilling in a coffee cup pool.

That wobble though

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Some of Tan's designs are more intricate and even span two mugs, like this monkey.

Or this giraffe, that goes down the side of the mug.

Where is the giraffe emoji?

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Tan also makes some recognizable characters out of foam, like Snoopy and his bird sidekick Woodstock.

it's finally a wobbly video again!!

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Or a Stormtrooper from Star Wars.

May the Froth be with you😉

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Even Totoro, the classic Studio Ghibli cartoon character.

My personal favorite is Gudetama, the depressed egg—who somehow still manages to look adorable when made out of foam. (And peep the little handwritten message on the side of the mug, too.)

So even if you can't get your barista to make a character pop out of your drink in the morning, at least you can get your daily quota of coffee cute from Tan's Instagram.

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