Robbers with a sweet tooth
EC: Thieves Make Off with $100,000 of Maple Syrup in Canada
Credit: Photo via Flickr user Jeff Borden

Heist stories always make for classic capers, and plenty of versions exist, with thieves stealing everything from cash to gold to jewelry to fine art. But here’s a story that could have only happened in Canada. Last week in Quebec, robbers made off with 20,000 liters of maple syrup. That’s over $100,000 worth of the sticky stuff—leaving a lot of sad pancakes in its wake. According to Canada’s CBC News, the maple syrup theft happened in Dorval, a city not far from Montreal’s Trudeau airport. Someone broke into a Mexuscan Cargo facility and made off with an entire shipping container stocked with 20 palates of Kirkland brand one-liter bottles of maple syrup that were slated to be sent to Japan.

Mexuscan vice president Alfredo Monaco was apparently a bit miffed by the theft, since Kirkland is Costco’s private label brand. That means finding an opportunity to unload this syrup to another retailer would be highly unlikely. “You can't just sell this stuff at the flea market,” Monaco told The Canadian Press. Maybe these thieves are just looking to throw a small waffle breakfast for themselves and about one hundred thousand of their closest friends? Still, Monaco hopes all is not lost: “That's why we're offering a $10,000 reward if we can recoup the freight.”

As crazy as it sounds, this maple syrup heist is nothing compared to an even larger theft that happened in 2012. That year, multiple arrests were made after $18 million worth of syrup was stolen from the global strategic maple syrup reserve in near Quebec City. As far as stealing syrup is concerned, that was the tree sap equivalent of infiltrating Fort Knox. It was so outlandish that the story has even been in development by Hollywood for a major motion picture starring Jason Segel. So comparatively speaking, last week’s robbers weren’t just small potatoes; they are a side of hash browns.

Still, Monaco believes the guys who broke into his warehouse knew what they were doing. “These thieves were pretty creative and managed to break off the lock,” Monaco was quoted as saying. “I don't know how they did it because the locks are pretty (break) proof.” Yeah, I don’t see Hollywood calling because some guys were able to get around a lock. Maybe they had a spare key? Did anyone recently lose the spare key?

Meanwhile, CTV News Montreal reports police have been able to recover the shipping container, however it had already been emptied of all its sugary contents. Sounds like a sticky situation.

Actually, it doesn’t. That’s kind of the problem.