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He robbed an ATM by throwing coffee on the armored truck courier

Rebecca Firkser
September 08, 2017

A thief in DeKalb County, Georgia, managed to steal an unknown sum of money from an armored truck courier by throwing hot coffee on the driver. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the courier was attacked while servicing an ATM inside a QuikTrip convenience store. A man dressed as a construction worker threw a cup of hot coffee on the courier from behind, and then managed to grab a bag of money and leave the convenience store without being stopped. The incident, which happened early this week, is still being investigated.

WSB-TV, a television station based in Atlanta, reports that the assault was captured on the QuikTrip’s surveillance camera. The video shows the suspect waiting outside the store and then asking an employee for a plastic garbage bag, perhaps to conceal the money he planned to steal.

A reporter for WSB-TV spoke with a member of the DeKalb County Police Department, who said they believe the thief had information on the truck’s arrival, as ATM exchanges don’t happen very regularly. 

"Most… [armored truck deliveries] are sporadic, so you don't necessarily know their schedules,” said Lieutenant Lonzy Robertson of the DeKalb County Police Department to WSB-TV. “So for him to know, or seem like [he] knows when they are coming, it could possibly lend to that."

Strangely, this incident is yet another in a long series of breakfast food-related crimes. This past June, deli customers assaulted an employee with rock-hard unripe avocados, ultimately breaking the man’s jaw. Last November, an organized crime gang Northern Ireland was arrested for smuggling about $997,000 worth of cannabis resin in orange juice cartons. Weirder still, a man who stole a doughnut instead of shelling out the $0.52 had to plead guilty to second-degree robbery and was placed on five years of supervised probation—and narrowly avoided jail time.

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