Cute animals for when you can’t even
EC: These Videos of Cute Animals Eating Pancakes Will Make Things Feel OK
Credit: Photo by kuban_girl via Getty Images

On days when I feel like the universe is just one giant dumpster fire, I like to be reminded that there are still good, yet simple, things that exist in the world, like videos of cute animals eating pancakes. And though I’ll be one of the first people to acknowledge that breakfast isn’t a panacea (because nothing’s true a panacea, not even pancakes), there is some kind of emotional alchemy that happens after watching an adorable animal inhale a stack of pancakes. It’s as if, all of a sudden, you’re waking up in a safe, warm place and your only concern for the next hours is whether you’re going to put a giant pat of butter on your pancakes or just half-a-pat. For a couple of minutes, you forget your troubles and enjoy the sight of an adorable animal’s unbridled pleasure at eating food that’s twice the size of its head.

The mere fact that there are so many videos of animals eating pancakes on the internet gives me hope, because the world can’t be that bad if there’s a general consensus that watching cats or dogs or hamsters eat breakfast food is something worthwhile.

So here are nine videos of cute animals eating pancakes to get you through your mid-afternoon slump, or whatever might be ailing you, because sometimes, you just need a reminder that that there can be adorable, wonderful things in this world, too.

Cocker Spaniel Eating Pancakes

This cocker spaniel pup needs some convincing from its owners to give this stack of pancakes a try, but once it takes a bite, this tiny dog somehow manages to clean off the plate in an instant.

Cat Eating Pancakes

The only thing more adorable than a kitten attempting to eat human food that’s larger than its face is when the animal succeeds, in a big way.

Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Pancakes

This tiny hamster gets the five-star treatment, dining on noticeably fluffy pancakes while crouched on a pastel plaid tablecloth.

Pugs Eating Pancakes

This pair of pugs gets pancakes from the sky, and once they’re done, they can’t help but look up and wonder how they make it rain pancakes again.

Sphynx Cat Eating Pancakes

This sphynx cat tries to be a tricky one, hopping up on the counter to steal a pancake before its owner takes pity on the feline’s failed attempts at pancake robbery and feeds one to the cat.

Another Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Pancakes

Another five-star pancake breakfast for another five-star hamster, this time served on a neat white tablecloth that the hamster somehow manages to keep neat.

Two Fat Cats Eating Pancakes

At first, there’s just one fat cat trying to gnaw at the pancake its owner is dangling in its face, but around the 25-second mark, another cat enters the picture, and that’s when things get dangerously adorable.

Puppy Eating a Whole Pancake

I would give a dog trainer all of my money if they could get my dog to do this pancake trick on cue.

Tiny Hamster Eating Tiny Pancakes at Tiny IHOP

Some people love their pets. Others love their pets so much that they create entire tiny IHOPs out of cardboard and narrate short films about their tiny hamster eating a stack of tiny pancakes with its best friend Mario and post the whole thing on YouTube.

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder