Scared of waffles? You're not alone
EC: These Phobias Turn Breakfast into a Nightmare
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Don't get it twisted: a fear of breakfast is not that same thing as the fear of getting out of bed, which is something we struggle with on a daily basis. In fact, for most of us, breakfast is the one thing that makes crawling out of our cozy cocoons worth it — most of us. For others, breakfast is a waking nightmare thanks to one or more phobias that make it impossible to eat. Here are ten of the spookiest things about breakfast for people with fears you may have never even heard of.

Fear of Breakfast

For people with mageirocophobia, cooking is a constant terror. This can include cooking in large groups right down to whipping up something solo. Even worse? Cibophobia, which is a fear of food in general. Yes, even waffles.

Back in 2014, Metro reported on a British chef who had to quite his job because of his crippling fear of beans — baked beans, that is. This fear, called leguminophobia, makes breakfast in England a little difficult, since their classic full English is loaded with them, along with sausages, eggs, and potatoes.

Fear of Home Fries

Speaking of potatoes, there's a phobia of that as well. Potnonomicaphobia is as rare as it is detrimental, since it stops people from being able to enjoy delicious home fries, hash browns, or mash.

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Fear of Coffee

Perhaps the most distressing phobia of all, cafephobia, is the fear of coffee. Admittedly, it seems like this phobia might just be the mashing of two words together, since the only real info about it can be found here. However, dipsophobia, the fear of drinking, is very real, and might be even worse. Not just no coffee, but no mimosas. Now that's scary.

Fear of Bacon

If anything, most of us would think of the sound of crackling bacon as something akin to ASMR, but not those with carnophobia. This fear of meat takes bacon completely off the table, as well as sausages, lox, and ham — pretty much all the things that make breakfast the most important meal of the day.

Fear of Pancakes

Made famous by Kendall Jenner, trypophobia is fear of holes in things, and for this particular social media superstar, that includes pancakes. This can extend to things like english muffins and waffles, and any other bread product with a fluffy, delicious texture.

Fear of Syrup

Even if you are lucky enough to be able to enjoy pancakes, myxophobia pretty much makes it moot. The fear of slimy and sticky things includes syrup, and any of the other sugary gloops that make breakfast even better.

Fear of Omelets

Going savory doesn't make things any safer for people with alektorophobia (fear of chickens and chicken-related products) or more specifically ovaphobia (fear of eggs). Omelets, scrambles, and frittatas aren't just a no-go, they're terrifying.

Fear of Toast

While on the surface toast may seem harmless, those with arachibutyrophobia would have to strongly disagree. The fear of peanut butter, or another substance, sticking to the roof of their mouths is unavoidable if you choose to doctor up your toast in any kind of interesting way.

Fear of Yogurt

Finally, there's giaourtiophobia another (possibly invented) phobia that causes people to fear this probiotic in all its forms, no matter how much fruit, granola, or (if we're being realistic) chocolate you add to it.