These cups belong in a museum

By Elizabeth King
Updated February 13, 2018
EC: This Barista Makes Latte Art That's Way Too Pretty to Drink
Credit: Courtesy Instagram

Some coffee fiends just want to chug down their morning joe as fast as humanly possible, get the energy-boost in their system, and move on with the day. For others, that first cup of coffee in the morning is something to appreciate and enjoy slowly, like one would with a beautiful painting. Well, one Korean barista is driving this second type coffee-lover wild on Instagram with his out-of-this-world beautiful latte designs that are amazing works of art in their own right. The only problem with them is that it might be difficult to sip away at the unique and stunning creations, but that’s what coffee is for, after all.

Now, any latte drinker has probably been impressed when the barista whips up a cup that has a lovely leaf or swirl design, and there is no denying these are delightful. But barista Kangbin Lee has taken latte designs to a totally new level, elevating foam to fine art.

His Instagram, @leekangbin91 features high quality photos of his coffee creations, from adorable penguins, multicolor floral designs, landscapes, and classic Disney characters. Check out these cups of Bambi and Ariel from The Little Mermaid. How is it possible to do this with coffee and cream?!

And these floral drawings are certainly nothing to stick your nose up at, either:

Lee also does some of the more traditional designs, but even these look much fancier than what you might get at your standard local coffee shop.

To achieve the beautiful drawings, Lee uses a method he calls “cremart” (searching Instagram for #creamart will bring up a lot of his creations). According to Cosmo, this process allows Lee to paint directly onto the coffee cream.

Lee even recently posted a video of him making one of his more traditional roses so professional baristas and novices at home alike can try their hand at a Lee design.

Though scanning through Lee’s Instagram page won’t give you the same caffeine boost drinking an actual cup of coffee will, it will delight the art-lover in you. And also probably give you some serious latte envy.