What's better than a gift that comes around all year
EC: These Food-of-the-Month Clubs Are Gifts That Keep on Giving
Credit: Courtesy Carman Brook Farm

What you want to do: give epic holiday gifts. What you don’t want to do: spend 30 minutes looking for a parking spot at the fall of Saigon-like mall in December, followed by elbowing your way through stores blasting crappy Paul McCartney Christmas songs only to leave empty-handed because you can’t find the damn sweater your mom wanted anyway. The solution? The gift of breakfast, year-round. Here, the best breakfast-of-the-month clubs that make perfect gifts for all your loved ones (or yourself):


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Credit: IMage Courtesy Tenderbelly

Let’s just cut to the chase: the best gift you can give is bacon. Even better is really good bacon, and Colorado’s Tender Belly is some of the best. Sourced from heritage hogs, this coolest monthly club ships out four pounds of maple rub and/or habañero bacon each month. Consider the gifting mic dropped. $59/month; TenderBelly.com


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Credit: Photo by flickr user laurelfan

For that super classy friend who drinks tea each morning (or afternoon—even classier!), may we submit Tea Sparrow, a subscription service that delivers the world’s best loose leaf teas each month. For just over 50 cents a cup, they’ll sip herbal and caffeinated teas made by artisan tea-makers around the world. $20/month; TeaSparrow.com


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Credit: Photo by flickr user polkadot

For days when you just can’t—muffin breakfast! Shepherdstown Sweet Shop, a tiny West Virginia bakery, cooks up coveted oversized muffins that have reached neighborhood cult status. Get eight of ‘em delivered to your door each month in flavors like tried-and-true blueberry to the more adventurous candied ginger lemon or chocolate sour cherry.
$23.33/month; WVSweetShop.corecommerce.com


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Credit: Photo by flickr user veganfeast

Full breakfast! Every month! OK so you still have to make it, but you don’t have to shop for it. So that’s cool. Each month you’ll get a main course (pancakes, waffles, French toast or crepe mix), plus bacon, syrup or fruit spread, and coffee. Eating it in bed: optional.
$22.95/month; AmazingClubs.com


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Credit: Photo courtesy oatbox

Granola is a really cool gift. No really; stick with us here. It’s crunchy. It’s sweet. It’s brown. It can be used as both a meal and a topping. Who wouldn’t want a monthly delivery of breakfast bars or bags of granola in flavors like dark chocolate with goji berry or chai and almond? Nobody, that’s who.
$20/month; OatBox.com


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Credit: Photo by flickr user Kate hopikins

Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than cased ground meat. Hard-to-shop-for significant others will love Esposito Sausage’s sausage of the month club. (And if they don’t, maybe it’s time for some serious introspection.) This 80+-year-old Hell’s Kitchen butcher shop delivers meaty goodness like Irish bangers and pork breakfast sausage every month.
$39.99/month; EspositoSausage.com


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Credit: Photo courtesy mistobox

For about a dollar a cup, the recipient of MistoBox’s monthly coffee subscription service will be praising your name each and every morning. Your friend will get a personalized coffee curator who will review their java preferences and then select the perfect brews based on their tastes. The whole bean coffee is fresh roasted to order and shipped to their kitchen to magically bring them to life each day.
$20/month; One.MistoBox.com


EC: These Food-of-the-Month Clubs Are Gifts That Keep on Giving
Credit: Courtesy Carman Brook Farm

Don’t forget: Syrup is the reason for the season. Or something like that. Carman Brook Farm, a family farm in northwest Vermont, makes Messiah-worthy syrups in flavors ranging from Golden Delicate to Very Strong Dark. Get a pint each month for four months, or, if you really, really like syrup, a quart a month. $19/month or $27/month; CBMapleFarm.com

Baked Goods

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Credit: Photo courtesy wolferman's via twitter 

For the people you care about most, give them the ultimate gift—the gift of laziness. Wolferman’s bakes up tasty treats that are ready to be eaten on the run, meaning your loved ones can sleep an extra 15 minutes. Monthly shipments range from cinnamon rolls to scones to gourmet waffles.
$23/month; Wolfermans.com


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Credit: photo by flicker user mack male

When all else fails, give doughnuts. Fried sweetened dough is a concept that pretty much anyone can get behind. Orange County’s The Anchor Bakery makes stellar mini doughnuts, and (how very OC!) they’re organic and preservative-free. Sample an assorted dozen in flavors exclusive to doughnut-of-the-month club members.
$22/month; TheAnchorBakery.com