7 recipes to jumpstart your journey into baked French toast
EC: These Baked French Toast Recipes Make Weekday Mornings Easy
Credit: Photo by Alexandra Grablewski via Getty Images

There's no easier way to make French toast for a crowd than baked French toast. In fact, making a French toast bake is probably the easiest way to make French toast, period. All you have to do to make a French toast breakfast casserole is assemble all of the ingredients in one oven-friendly dish, let it sit for a few hours so that all the flavors can meld together, and then pop it in the oven until fully baked. French toast casseroles are perfect for meal prepping; you can make a big batch of French toast casserole at the beginning of the week and heat up slices in the microwave or toaster oven each morning, as needed.

But not all baked French toast recipes are for a French toast casserole. There are also baked French toast muffins, baked French toast slices, even baked French toast sticks.

These recipes, however, are just as easy to make as a regular overnight breakfast casserole. Plus, these French toast casserole recipes are super adaptable. There are some basic ingredients you need for any French toast bake recipe—including eggs, milk, sugar, and, of course, some kind of thick-cut bread. But you can add whatever toppings you want.

So if you're looking for some easy breakfast inspiration, look no further than these seven baked French toast recipes.

This make-ahead French toast casserole from Celebrating Sweets is doused in a homemade brown sugar caramel sauce and topped with a brown sugar crumble topping and bananas.

This baked French toast from 365 Days of Baking and More is perfect for a summertime brunch party. It's stuffed with cream cheese and fresh peach slices, and you can prep it the night before.

This baked French toast recipe from Dizzy Busy and Hungry is made with butterscotch syrup. This breakfast casserole is then topped with graham cracker crumbs before baking for some extra texture.

Make this overnight French toast casserole from Life, Love and Sugar for an easy breakfast. For best results, use thick-cut bread and fresh apple slices.

Flavored with orange zest and fresh cranberries, this baked French toast recipe from Taste and Tell is an overnight breakfast casserole that's perfect for the holiday season.

These baked French toast muffins from Just A Taste make an easy grab-and-go breakfast.

If you're looking for a kid-friendly baked French toast recipe, look no further than these French toast sticks from Cooking Classy. Made with cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla extract, these classic French toast sticks are perfect for dipping into syrup.