When ball is life but also breakfast
EC: These Bacon and Egg Sneakers Are the Perfect Gift for the Cool Teen in Your Life
Credit: All Photos Courtesy of Feature

For some people, ball is life, and for those folks, regular old Air Jordans will do just fine. But for others, breakfast is life, and though there have been plenty of breakfast-inspired sneakers out there, finding a pair of bacon-and-egg-inspired sneakers has been a pipe dream—until now. Las Vegas-based sneaker boutique Feature recently announced that it partnered with Saucony to remix the running sneaker company's classic Courageous sneaker to include more breakfast. According to a post on Feature's blog, these Saucony x Feature Courageous "Bacon & Eggs" sneakers are inspired by "America's favorite breakfast staple, bacon & eggs."

The so-called "retro runner" has pink and off-white color blocking, just like bacon fat. "Saucony's 'S' logo receives a pink leather makeup on the lateral side, while the medial side sees off-white leather paired with pink 3M dots for a contrasting touch," according to the blog post. And as Hypebeast points out, the yellow accents on the sole and the tongue of the sneaker add a much-needed egg element to these bacon-and-egg sneakers.

But the attention to detail doesn't stop with the stitching. Even the insoles are breakfast-themed, with one insole featuring a bacon design while the other sports an egg.

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The dreamy, retro-inspired photographs for the ad campaign, which totally match the sneaker's retro feel, were taken by Feature's creative director Francis Santos, who also designed the sneakers, as well as the other breakfast-inspired apparel that's part of this collaboration.

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And if you're somehow not a fan of bacon and eggs for breakfast but still want to wear breakfast on your feet, don't fret. These sneakers are actually the first in a so-called breakfast pack, which will continue the breakfast theme at the Las Vegas-based store. "We felt like the breakfast theme hadn't been translated onto a sneaker before and thought it would be a very fun design process and campaign," explained Kevin Sanchez, a media coordinator at Feature, in an email to Extra Crispy.

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Sadly, Sanchez couldn't share more information about future drops at the time, but he felt good about this first collaboration. "We felt Bacon & Eggs is a breakfast staple to the most important meal of the day. It was only right we payed homage in the form of a sweet design (no pun intended)."

The Saucony x Feature Courageous "Bacon & Eggs" will be available for $120 on Feature's website at 1 p.m. ET on Saturday, December 10. If you're in Vegas, you can pick them up in person when the store opens at 11 a.m. PT. (I would highly recommend hitting the Strip for a celebratory brunch afterward, to break in your new kicks with the sweet smell of sizzling bacon.)

By Maxine Builder and Maxine Builder