EC: There Is Now a Hot Glue Gun for Cheese (and Yes, You Read That Correctly)
Credit: Image by Juanmonino via Getty Images

If you’ve been wondering what Christmas gifts to buy for, well, pretty much everyone in your life, look no further. Meet Fondoodler, a hot glue gun made for cheese. Yes, for cheese. Fondoodler is a brand spankin’ new device that only costs $25 and promises all kinds of cheesy fun. You can make cheese cracker appetizers, grilled cheese sandwiches, or, you know, just go old school and squirt some cheese onto a spoon and gobble it up. The possibilities are endless.

As you can see, all you have to do is insert a piece of cheese into the cylinder (it seems that string cheese fits best) and, just like that, you’re ready to go.

Although it seems most obvious to use it on snack-type foods, like crackers and breads, take a look at the Fondoodler Instagram account.

You’ll see there are all kinds of cheese-centered arts and crafts projects that will stimulate both your mind and your taste buds.

Apparently, all it takes is three minutes to assemble the cheese gun and get it up and running. That’s less time than it takes to sit through some YouTube ads, so even the most impatient of cheese lovers can rejoice in a quick fix.

Wouldn’t it make the best stocking stuffer of all time?! If you need us, we’ll just be over here, happily squirting cheese on just about everything.

This piece originally appeared on HelloGiggles.