Your favorite seasonal flavor, now with THC thanks to Good Co-Op

EC: There Are Even Pumpkin Spice Edibles Now
Credit: Image Courtesy the Good Co-Op

Pumpkin Spice: you either love it or you hate it. But if the fall finds you flying into fits of rage that make you want to slap pumpkin spice lattes out of people's’ hands, one Oakland based business wants to help you just, like, relax and enjoy autumn’s signature flavor.

That’s right: Good Co-Op, an Oakland-based purveyor of cannabis-infused baked goods has come out with a pumpkin spice blondie bar that packs a small amount of THC, the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Based on that description, it sounds like the perfect way to enhance your enjoyment of fall foliage and other seasonal activities.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking Good Co-Op is just a collective of stoners who happen to have access to a kitchen. Head of R&D Peter Cervantes is a Culinary Institute of America grad who spent his time in the corporate kitchens of PepsiCo as a research chef before getting into the edibles game. And from what he has to say about these magical pumpkin spice bars, it’s clear that taste is meant to be a major part of the pot blondie’s sensory experience. “I wanted to incorporate the warmth and nostalgia of Autumn into a delicious low dose edible,” Cervantes says, noting that their bars “incorporat[e] organic pumpkin and our own proprietary spice blend, which complement the herbal notes of the cannabis.”

California’s passage of Prop 64 last November allows for recreational cannabis use and the establishment of dispensaries beginning in 2018, which means that Good Co-Op’s trendy culinary creation couldn’t come at a better time. Call it a hunch, but it looks like a lot more people will be enjoying #pumpkinspicewatch this time next year.