If you're willing to shell out big bucks for a pastry, we have a list for you
EC: The World’s Most Outrageously Expensive Doughnuts
Credit: Photo by JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images

Drop the cronut and ditch the rainbow bagel. Instead of using pastries to prove how trendy you are, why not flaunt them as a status symbol? Go beyond your standard glazed doughnuts topped with maple bacon or covered in cereal and pick up a sweet bite that proves just how valuable you are. Whether they’re gilded, oversized, or stuffed with champagne, these seven doughnuts prove the dish isn’t just for breakfast — it’s for showing off the gargantuan size of your bank account.

Giant Doughnut

Though this enormous, ten-inch giant doughnut from Dum Dum Donutterie in London may be designed to serve up to 15 people, no one will judge if you keep it tucked in your fridge for a week’s worth of dessert. You can order this mega-sized feast in any of the shop’s flavors—like Tarte Tartin, with apple and cinnamon, and “Yum Yum,” stuffed with dulce de leche—but its über-cronut incarnation might be the most appealing. Labeled “The Zebra,” this quadruple-cocoa masterpiece layers plain croissants and chocolate croissants with chocolate buttercream and tops the over-the-top ensemble with chocolate ganache and chocolate shavings. But indulging your richest fantasies comes at a price: The ten-inch doughnut-slash-cake costs nearly $80.

Golden Cristal Ube Donut

Want to know the taste of excess? Hop a plane to New York. Surely your mama’s Brooklyn would have something to say about this over-the-top creation from Williamsburg’s Manila Social Club: A $100 doughnut—gilded, of course—and stuffed with Cristal jelly. Rounding out the Golden Cristal Ube Donut is champagne icing and a mousse made from ube, a lavender-colored yam from the Phillipines. Executive Chef Björn De La Cruz personally hand-makes each doughnut, topping them with gold dust and gold leaf (24K, natch).

Macaron Doughnuts

It’s unclear why these aren’t officially labeled “macaronuts,” but regardless, genius pastry chef François Payard’s latest creation combines delicious doughnuts with crisp and light macarons. Stuffed with ganache and covered in sprinkles, these Macaron Donuts are the picture-perfect love child of French and American delicacies. Aspiring eaters will have to stop by Payard’s NYC bakeries on a weekend and shell out $60 a dozen—and bring six friends, because supplies are limited to two per customer.

Krispy Kreme’s Most Expensive Doughnut

While the world’s actual most expensive doughnut was a one-time deal from Krispy Kreme UK, it’s a safe bet that if you cough up enough dough—literally and figuratively—someone will remake the outrageous concoction. Developed for National Donut Week (obviously the most wonderful time of the year), the £1,000 dessert shares a few features with its comparatively cheap Brooklyn cousin, like champagne jelly—this time made from Dom Pérignon—and a 24K gold leaf exterior. Add edible diamonds and a white-chocolate gilded lotus and the price tag ($1,425 in today’s dollars) is almost justified.

Spicy Ox Cheek Doughnut

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Credit: Photo via Flickr user Duane_Brown

Seeking savory and spice with your sugar? Try London brunch bistro Duck & Waffle’s spicy ox cheek doughnut, which stuffs shredded and slow-cooked oxtail inside a round, spongey, cake-like doughnut. Dusted with sugar and paprika, the $14 dish balances on the border between dessert and delicacy—and for an even sweeter accent, dip it in the accompanying apricot jam.


Brooklyn didn’t invent luxury, doughnut-style: Dolicious, located in tiny little West Kelowna, British Columbia (population 30,000), lays claim to the “original” $100 doughnut. Designed for a customer seeking a sneaky hiding spot for an engagement ring, the Donutopia offers the usual trappings—gold flakes, edible diamonds—but with a grown-up twist: Aged chocolate balsamic icing and Bling H2O, a $39 bottle of water. All proceeds are donated to a local soup kitchen, so there’s no need to feel guilty about your pricey Canadian indulgence.

Happy Birthday Jumbo Doughnut

A doughnut is a good birthday present. An even better birthday present: A jumbo doughnut with your name inscribed in red icing amid a sea of sprinkles. This $35, 16-inch ode to sugar is crafted by Glazed and Infused in Chicago is a standard vanilla doughnut blown up to enormous proportions, topped with your choice of vanilla or maple icing and any sprinkle color that speaks to your heart. Swap the standard, boring birthday cake for something special—and equally sweet.