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EC: The World's Most Low-Calorie Doughnuts Are Also the Tiniest
Credit: Photo courtesy of Miminemini

It's tough to make calorie compromises at breakfast, especially when you're trying to find a low-calorie doughnut. But what if I told you that you could have a full-flavor doughnut that is also adorably small? I mean, really small. As in, you need to cook them in a miniature kitchen. Guess you'll need to make a compromise after all. At least this compromise is cute and whimsical as well as guilt-free. The Korean YouTube channel Miminemini, known for making miniature food videos ranging from potato chip recipes to chair manufacturing, tackled the tiny doughnut challenge. The end product looks as delicious as it is cute—but you might still be hankering for a big doughy calorie-bomb afterwards.

But this isn't just any old recipe tutorial video. Miminemini outlines every step of the doughnut-making process, but at a fraction of the size (unless the person in the video is actually a giant—not going to rule that out, either). Even the eggs are tiny, which freaked out more than a handful of Reddit commenters when a gif of the video landed on r/gifrecipes last night. In case you're wondering, the eggs are filled with pre-whisked eggs. No hummingbird eggs were harmed in the creation of this video.

But as cool as these miniature doughnuts are, the real scene-stealers are the tiny spoons, stovetop, and pot of oil. Everything in this video seems like it's the right size, save for the gigantic fingers. Even the rustic-looking shelves look like they're straight out of a Kinfolk photo shoot. So if you're looking to make adorable, tiny doughnuts, all you need is a set of minuscule kitchen tools, a dollhouse to cook in, and a greater amount of patience than your appetite calls for. But if you're looking for a doughnut with a bit more substance, maybe check out our Entenmann's doughnut recipe. Or, just go to your local doughnut shop and binge-watch the rest of Minimemini's videos, so long as you can afford to go into a YouTube hole (and a calorie coma) for a little while.