Organic Valley celebrates the return of good old-fashioned milk-fat in a new video.
EC: The War on Butter Is Over, Butter Company Proclaims
Credit: Photo by Flickr user Bev Sykes

The War on Butter is over, if it ever existed. That’s according to Wisconsin-based farming cooperative Organic Valley, which released a bizarre and intriguing video ad this week, triumphantly declaring that butter is back, baby, after a long dip in the American diet. The ad reads like parody but isn't, exactly. “Since the dawn of food, humans have worshipped and revered butter as rich, creamy, semi-solid gold,” says the ad’s professorial narrator. “Until suddenly, in the 1950s, the party inside our pies, pastries and mouths came to an end. A bunch of scientists decided fat was evil.” But, the narrator adds later, “Scientists did more science, and they found out we were right all along! Butter isn’t bad for us.” He then goes on to slander butter substitutes like olive oil, avocado (perhaps a stretch) and aerosol cooking sprays.

The ad is kooky, but fits in with Organic Valley’s unorthodox approach to getting its message out. "As a little guy, we want to tell a unique story, something different than a big consumer packaged goods company would do," Lewis Goldstein, Organic Valley's vice president of brand marketing, told Adweek magazine, which highlighted the video as its ad of the day. "We take a bit of a gamble each time we do something like this, but our consumers seem to like the humor."

To add to the levity, Organic Valley has decided to “honor” the country’s “butter heroes,” by sculpting their faces out of butter in a live video stream you can watch at It will air sporadically until December 15. The first butter bust features the face of George Siemon, "a founding farmer of Organic Valley and our Chief Butter Lover."