Udon + donut = udon-ut
EC: The Udon-ut Is the Latest Bonkers Culinary Mash-Up from Japan
Credit: PHOTOS BY Tim Macpherson and Leilani Fiset / EyeEm VIA GETTY IMAGES

Some puns are just too good to pass up. This must have been what the masterminds at one Japanese cafe thought when they dreamed up the udon-ut. The udon-ut is just what it sounds like—a mash-up of a doughnut and udon noodles, two wildly disparate foods in taste, texture, origin, and meal category. The udon-ut consists of actual udon noodles twisted and fried in a doughnut-shaped ring, topped with sugar. Sounds delicious, in theory. After all, udon is delicious, and doughnuts are even more delicious. By some mathematical property, when combined, they should form something that is doubly delicious.

According to RocketNews24, the creation was first spotted by Twitter user @eiitiro, who only had good things to say about the new frankenfood: “The outside was crunchy, the inside was like a chewy wonton. Definitely an unexpected, but welcome, addition to udon sweets!”

You can find the udon-uts at Tsudanomatsubara SA in Kagawa Prefecture, where they reportedly retail for 150 yen, or about $1.40. The cafe is also responsible for udon burgers and udon katsu burgers, which are made from udon noodles that are breaded, fried, and then placed between burger buns. You could have yourself and entire udon brunch, if you so pleased. In case you're wondering, one-way flights to Kagawa Prefecture's Takamatsu Airport are currently $780 from New York with a 20+ hour travel time, and a mere $538 from LA. Now, take a look at the masterful creation below and then tell me that's not just a little bit worth it.